The difference between learning a language and developing professionally in it.

Cursos de Idiomas Race

We know that your needs in another language are not the same as everyone's, our onsite or online classes are tailored to your needs and interests.

Cursos de Portugués

Aprende o mejora tu nivel de portugués y consigue desarrollarte profesionalmente en el idioma.

English courses

Learn English or improve your level and get to develop professionally in the language.

Executive English

Improve your English level with courses focused on what your field of expertise requires.

Introduction to the Mexican culture for foreigners

Learn to speak Spanish while we help you settle down in Mexico.

Translations and interpretations

We can translate any kind of documents, certificates, live conferences, etc. We have a solution for you.

Clients who trust us


A very good investment, qualified teachers that prepare every single class, flexible Schedule, I think it’s an excellent option when your working life doesn’t allow you to take classes at a school, I highly recommend it.

Gilberto Martínez Croda General Energy Director at GEMEX.

Not only have I learned the language, but also idioms and culture in a fast and fun way by playing games in class and applying this knowledge on my day-to-day job, which has helped me develop professionally in a short time.

Nancy Espinosa Martínez Regional Engineer at Hospira

Our Company has been using RACE’s translation services for several months. They work fast and their translations are extremely precise. I never have to worry about the quality of their work. I highly recommend them.

Isabel Rafferty CEO & Founder at Canela Media

I have received an excellent service from Race over the years whenever I have taken classes with them while working for different companies.

Alejandro Medina Macías Director de la División Inmobiliaria de Acciona/Parque Reforma

I feel very happy to be part of RACE, I’m also very grateful about their teaching method, since they have a system and very qualified teachers that have helped me understand, learn, read and write the English language and its grammar.

José Luis Vázquez Bermúdez Business man

In Race Idiomas we have found the perfect boost to move on learning the English language. They’re not just another school, with them you’ll find classes focused on your company’s needs, always taught by excellent teachers.

Fátima Blancas ITProve

Race is a great institution which goes all the way with you as you develop your learning skills. Race has helped improve GIA’s co-workers English level, and improving the skills they require to be part of the new projects of the company.

Edith Reading Castilla Human Resources Director, GIA

Race is a professional institution specialized in teaching the English language, which helps companies train and develop their employees efficiently; it’s a good investment

José Ma. Alcántara Jiménez Finance Director, Anixter

Being a Race student has been a great experience, my teachers have been excellent, very punctual, responsable, they know how to share their knowledge, I am happy and very grateful

Yoseline Rodda Ceron Teacher, Las Peñas Mimiahuapan Institute

I have worked with Race for over 15 years (with translations for multinational corporations, multilateral organizations and national governments) and they have never ceased to surprise me because of their professionalism, commitment and dedication. Sometimes we have had to stretch the rubber band to the limit, and my friends at Race have always helped me deliver the work properly and on time.

Fernando Carrillo Vázquez Consultant in Crisis Management, Public Affairs, Lobbying and Strategic Communication

My teacher, Lety, gives fun classes. She teaches me very well, and now I can speak Spanish better than my mother. She’s also very loving.

Sofia Maria Reis Lüdtke Brazilian

Lety is a very good teacher, who has taught me a lot of Spanish. She’s always fun, and helped me a lot with my school assignments, which was very difficult for me at first. Nowadays I can do everything myself, thanks to her.

Caio Reis Lüdtke Brazilian

I don’t know what I would’ve done without Leticia. When I arrived in Mexico I barely spoke any Spanish and had a lot of things to deal with. Perhaps one of the positive characteristics she has as a teacher, that I really admire, is her ability to adapt according to her students’ needs. She made my life so much easier y I will always be thankful for that.

Maria Clara Reis Brazilian

Who we are

There is a constant need to communicate in different languages, but this need is different for each person or company, Race was born in 1986 as a solution for this need.

At Race, the most important for us are our clients, that’s the reason why in any of our programs we focus on understanding our students, their learning styles and interests. We know that learning is easier if you’re not alone, in our courses, onsite or online, you can count on highly qualified teachers during the whole process as well as follow-up through our platform.

We will walk you through your learning journey.

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